Shawn Cooper, Ph.D., M.P.H.

Clinical Psychologist

534 Angel Street
Providence, RI 02906



As a child I loved to draw and planned to become an illustrator.  But after starting college at an art college I changed my goal and decided to become a psychologist instead.  I obtained my doctorate in psychology at the University of Massachusetts-Amherst and later earned my master of public health degree at Harvard University.

I spent many years at a children’s psychiatric hospital treating children, adolescents, and families in the hospital’s Outpatient Service and now for some years I have worked part-time at a university Mental Health Service dealing with undergraduate and graduate students while also maintaining a private practice in clinical psychology dealing with adults of all ages.

Over the years I gradually shifted my clinical approach and now rely on a flexible combination of cognitive-behavioral and problem-solving methods along with occasional humor in working with patients.  I am also very willing to assist individuals in gaining a deeper understanding of themselves and how they deal with life issues.  While focusing on a person’s current concerns, I have always remembered my work with children and therefore consider the ways in which an individual’s childhood may contribute to her or his present difficulties.


I treat individuals and couples and also offer consultation to organizations.  I deal with the following issues as well as with other concerns which reflect the human condition:
  • Problems with anxiety, mood, or attention
  • Relationship concerns (partner, marital, being single, LGBT)
  • Significant illness or loss
  • Phase of life issues (career, mid-life, intra-familial conflicts)
  • Individual or organizational consultation (management, work-related issues, coaching)
  • Psychotherapy for mental health professionals

I have also recently authored a book, Change: Models and Processes, which discusses some of the elements involved in change, whether external to the person or within the individual her- or himself.


People seek psychological treatment when they feel something in their lives might need to, or has to, change.  The goal of treatment is to bring about and maintain constructive changes in one or several aspects of a person’s life and adjustment.  Treatment can be short-term (at least a few sessions) or longer term (lasting over several months or more).  The individual (or couple) decides if the treatment is being helpful in bring about desired changes, whether each person’s goals have been or are being achieved, and whether to continue or discontinue  treatment.


My office is located at 534 Angell Street on the East Side of Providence. [map]


I am a contracted provider with Blue Cross Blue Shield of Rhode Island, United Behavioral Health/UnitedHealthcare, HarvardPilgrim HealthCare, Oxford, and Coventry/First Health.

If the patient uses her or his insurance, the insurance company determines the allowable fee and the patient is responsible for a co-pay and possibly a deductible before the insurance company begins to pay for visits.

Insurance companies do not pay for canceled or missed appointments and I may charge the patient the full fee for appointments canceled with less than 24 hours notice or if the patient does not appear for a scheduled appointment.  If an individual does not have or chooses not to use her or his insurance, a reasonable fee would be negotiated.  For individual or organizational consultation, an appropriate fee would be negotiated.

Contact Me

If you are considering psychological treatment or consultation, or have been referred specifically to see me, please call 401-331-9507 to speak to me.  I will attempt to answer any questions you may have and we would determine whether proceeding with further contact is indicated or appropriate.